About Us

At Nine 2 Six Solutions, we do things differently; we do things passionately and with fervor. We believe that the BPO industry is not exclusively about “outsourcing”. However, it represents a continual growth process by acquiring new customers, retaining old ones, and providing service excellence – a winning formula that pays rich dividends.

We offer a diverse range of call center services, including garnering potential customers, managing data efficiently, or troubleshooting technical problems and administration issues. Our host of peripheral activities is aimed to take your business ahead through a blend of manpower, technology, research, and analytics.









Driven By Humans
Powered By Commitment


Value Driven

We thrive to create human connect with each of our interactions. It allows us to keep customer concerns in focus and attend to their needs with mutual understanding.


Global Outlook, Local Approach

At Nine 2 Six, we foster a culture of collaboration. It helps us merge varied ideas into a unique whole to deliver solutions that can make an impact on the local level and stand out on the global scale.


Human Connect Meets Technology

Our agents are well-trained to work with the latest technology and approach customers with empathy. It keeps the balance between tech and human touch – creating a winning formula.

Our Vision

Nine 2 Six aims to be pioneer of change in the shared services industry & pave the way for:

  • Impeccable Customer Service
  • Growth-Oriented Business Associations
  • Focused Technological Innovations

Our vision is to enable future of excellence in customer satisfaction & business growth.

Our Mission

To usher in the next era of services that improve customer satisfaction & exceed

expectations of clients & customers alike.

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